Review Manga Shakespeare: As You Like It

I haven’t touched Shakespeare since school, where it was more-or-less ruined it for me, but the kookiness intrigued me. The play translated well to the format. It was really accessible. Visualising the stage directions meant that it was easier to follow and appreciate the text, more so than a stage production. They’re designed to make Shakespeare easier to digest and do so very well through the manga and additions like character descriptions, a plot summary and a brief biography. However, there are two disadvantages:

  1. The reader interprets the story as the artist tells it.
  2. The series is abridged.
They’re an excellent teaching aid and introduction to Shakespeare, I would highly recommend picking one up, but they don’t provide a complete understanding of the story, which is fine because that’s not what they’re designed to do. I award Manga Shakespeare: As You Like It many stars!

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