Rachel Felder interviews Alan McGee

Rachel Felder interviews Alan McGee, Founder of Creation Records

McGee began by emphasising the necessity of failure. When we succeed we are told what we are doing right. When we fail we are told what we are doing wrong. We can only truly improve ourselves through the latter. Much of the discussion was focused on drug use in the music industry and McGee’s personal life. He stated early on that he is pro-drug use. They allow the user to access creativity and the work of a number of his clients would have been impossible without. He also believes that LSD is responsible for the social re-engineering of the USA. A lifetime drug user, McGee was only an addict for 7 years and is now clean. He has attended a grand total of 3 NA meetings, never finding them particularly useful. These days he gets his creativity from other people and books and films resonate with him more than music, to the extent that the Beatles are the only band he likes. He left Creation Records in 1999 and is now out of music management. His reasoning is that while it’s easy to, you can;t carry on doing the same thing forever. Change is vital to human development.


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