TEDxOxford 2011

This week I had the pleasure of attending the first TEDxOxford. If you’re unfamiliar TED host conferences across the world featuring speakers who are outstanding in their field. The acronym is short for Technology Engineering Design, but the scope of subjects is so much wider than that. There are currently 1000+ talks hosted on TED.com and they frequently have a habit of being inspiring, challenging, intelligent, hilarious and educational. I would highly recommend becoming a TED obsessive. It’s fun.

A TEDx is an independently organised TED conference. Tickets were allocated by random ballot, were restricted to 16-25 year olds and cost between £0-25. This is in stark contrast to normal TED conferences, which are a tad pricier, for example tickets to the upcoming TEDGlobal 2012 cost $6,000 or $12,000.

As ever, I took meticulous notes. I’m now going to reproduce these as legible sentences for your perusal, and in the hope that I really do learn as much as I felt I did at the time.


Session one

Session two
Session three
  • Aubrey de Grey
  • Marcus du Sautoy OBE
  • Kevin Warwick

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